Toddler Must Have Toys

I don’t know about you, but my house seems to overflow with toddler + baby toys at all times. Every now and then when I organize the toys, I find myself keeping the same bunch out for my two year old because he absolutely loves them (which means I love them)! Not only does he engage in playtime, but he learns so much while playing with these particular toys it’s a win-win for any momma. This is my list of must haves for sure!

1. WATER WOW: These cute books are super entertaining for little ones. With a pen fit for their hands filled with only a bit of water, they can draw and color in the sheets over and over again. It looks like the books are made of a thicker cardboard with great designs in each book. Each water revealing page is filled with different items: animals, vehicles, numbers + the alphabet. We love these books because Jack has learned so much from them – plus they are totally MESS FREE, which I absolutely love. These are great for quiet play time and traveling (think car rides + airplanes). ,The best part is that once the water dries your child can color it in again!

2. COUNTING COWS: Teaching Jack his numbers was a little bit of a struggle from the start, he wasn’t really interested in counting so I was really excited when my mom bought him these colorful spotted cows. Each cow separates into two so that your toddler can snap them back together. They reinforce number identification, colors, and counting.  He really got the hang of it after a few tries and is almost a pro at connecting them correctly. The cows are numbered 1-10!

3. ART EASEL: My favorite brand for toys is most definitely Melissa & Doug. Their products are always fun and educational, so we have plenty of them in the house. This easel is the perfect height for a growing toddler. It has so many different attractions that keep kids occupied. Whether your child wants to draw with chalk, color, or paint – their creative side will have many many options. Jack loves coloring with his crayons on here the most and all the little compartments in the blue tray keep things nice and organized.

4.  MEGA BLOKS: Who doesn’t like building blocks? I’m pretty sure everyone has played with some sort of block when they were a kid. These are colorful and the perfect size for a toddler. My boy is distinguishing his colors by playing with them, building “houses”, building roads and more. He can play with these for a longer period of time which is really nice when I want to “try” getting things done around the house.

5. OVERSIZED RECYCLING TRUCK: Jack got one of these trucks for his birthday last year and it is one of his favorite toys to play with, perhaps because he loves watching our garbagemen come to take the trash every Thursday. He likes to mimic the sounds that the garbage/recycling truck makes, especially because the truck comes with trash cans & the back is movable. Super cool toy for a toddler. This Bruder style is a little pricey, but this Fast Lane Garbage Truck looks like so much fun for only $24.99!

Do you have any toys your toddler seems to prefer? Share them with me in the comments section! Can’t wait to check them out!

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