Catch Up

It’s been six months too long since I’ve been able to jot down all the happenings in my life lately. I am now a mom of two cutie kiddos – Jack is almost two and a half years old and Emilia just hit the six month mark! Time is flying by so fast it’s hard to keep up with what day it is, but one thing is for certain, our bundles of love make our time here worth it.

It’s sounds cliché when I think about it, but I have everything I have always dreamed of – a warm home, lots of laughter, almost too much food & a king size bed (not to mention the best husband and kids in the world as well – but that goes without saying.

Christmas is right around the corner, my gift shopping is all done and it seems that my biggest worry is how on Earth will I find the time to clean my house. My house is always a mess: toys, dirty dishes, burp cloths galore – laundry that should have been folded two weeks ago, coats that aren’t hung (you get the picture).. but I would love love love and organized and super clean house, I just don’t know how to conquer that at this time. I wish it was as easy as writing a letter to Santa. But I spend my days feeding, changing, playing with, teaching and bathing my kids. I totally wish I could split myself into four separate people sometimes to fulfill all my duties.

Beyond that cry for home cleaning help, our spirits sure are bright – we listen to Polish Christmas Carols every day, keep an eye out for our Elf on the shelf [who my son named Sing because that is his current favorite movie], and hang by our red & gold adorned tree. Jack is really loving on Santa and doing his best to impress our Elf, to show him he can be good. Although baby Em doesn’t know whats going on with all the Christmas-y things around the house, she loves the tree lights. She’s reaching all of her milestones way sooner than her big brother: we have one tooth (& another on the way), she’s almost sitting & crawling on her own and eating all of her fruits and veggies in larger portions than Jack ever did. Our lives are just about engulfed in baby & toddler things, they have been for the last two years and probably will be for the next few years to come, and although its super challenging, its the most rewarding ‘job’ I ever had. We just recently planned our first (family of four) semi-vacation. We’re going to Poland!!!! It’s just a month away and I almost don’t believe it! We can’t wait to show off our kiddos & enjoy time with our families. Winter sure is getting sweet.

Hope your holidays are filled with warmth, hearty meals, and laughs from family & friends!


Maybe in a few years when they go to school I’ll have more time to focus on home things, but for now it’s our norm. I’m not sure how other moms keep their homes & kids pristine, and especially working moms; but it is definitely not my forte. But I live by the motto: a happy home is a messy home? Am I right?

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