What No One Tells You About Being a Mom

There are so many books, articles, pinterest boards and opinions out in the world on motherhood, yet nothing will truly prep you for it. Of course the whole experience will be a roller coaster ride, and everyone’s experience will be different. After nine months of googling + researching on what life would be like with a baby, here is my list of what no one tells you about being a mom.


It might sound crazy, but it’s true. Your love will multiply by numerous amounts – something you couldn’t calculate even if you tried. The moment you get to see + hold your little miracle will be one of the best of your life. It will allow you to reflect on what things are truly important in life and just how much you both need eachother. This whole time though, you thought you loved your husband, right? You’ll love him more. Just wait and see how he’ll adapt into the role of being a father, how caring and how nurturing he’ll be. It’s something that comes so naturally to him, it was something I wasn’t prepared for and in the best possible way.


I know that breastfeeding isn’t for everyone, and I agree that fed is best – no matter what the baby starts off with. I never really questioned whether or not I would be able to breastfeed, I just knew that it was what I wanted to try. No one told me about engorged breasts  I just woke up after my c-section to boobs that felt hard as rocks, a feeling I have obviously never felt before. No one prepped me on how important nipple cream is or how you’ll be leaking milk through your bras, tshirts, and pjs. Did I mention the milk just happens to squirt while you’re in the shower? As much as breastfeeding is a physical adjustment it was also tough on me mentally. Was I doing it right? Was my baby full? Hungry? Am I eating all of the right foods? etc. etc. etc. It’s hard.


I can’t deny the fact that having a cesarean birth delivery was difficult, but I did have an amazing experience with my doctors and hospital + I promise I’m not complaining. My incision scar is super small and barely visible, but what shocked me honestly was the healing time. I knew it would be sore and it would take a while before I felt 100% like myself again but the soreness lasted approximately 9 months post partum. Of course it wasn’t anything unbearable, but it was definitely uncomfortable to the touch especially when I pressed down.


Yes, I know you know that babies have milestones. But I bet you didn’t know just how proud you would be of them. Every single milestone will have you ooing and aahing on how amazing your little munchkin is. I’ll never forget my baby’s first sneeze, or the time I swore he starting crawling when really he was inch-worming five inches. He’s 19 months now – using his imagination, starting to talk, and soon enough I’ll be prepping him for potty training, can’t wait!


Sure, it’s funny when you watch it – but wait till your toddler starts talking. Try hearing mom, mommy and every other possible variation throughout your day x a couple million. It’s enough to drive a woman crazyyyyy, but thank God for naps + bedtime because otherwise it would never stop.


I’m actually not referring to the baby for this one, but you momma. Let it out, cry it out, grab some wine or go hide for a little bit. I promise, it WILL make you feel better. Some days you just get worn out, keeping your baby happy or keeping your toddler occupied can be draining. No matter how prepared you are or think you are, to be a mom – those days will come. Don’t get too caught up in them, no one actually hands you a manual on how to be a mom, and it’s totally fine to just let those emotions run their course.

It will all work itself out. Motherhood is amazing, but there is no “learning curve”. It goes by fast though, so buckle up!


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