5 Easy Bedtime Habits for Mom

I’ve been adjusting to my sleep schedule for the last 19months, and I’ve finally come up with 5 easy bedtime habits to help me sleep better.

After a long day of playing, eating, singing, learning and more – I truly look forward to a calm and peaceful bedtime routine with my toddler.

But that doesn’t always mean I’ll get one. Most days I really shouldn’t complain, because my boy usually follows my rules. But having my own bedtime routine has helped me in regaining my beauty sleep.

  1.  Organize + follow a bedtime routine for your toddler.

    • This is so extremely important to allow for a calming and relaxing way to end your day, rather than fighting, screaming and forcing your child to go to sleep. Ease your way into bedtime earlier in the evening to prep + tire out your child. Having a routine for your little one is a must for your sanity!
  2. Comfy PJs.

    • I used to fall asleep in raggety old tshirts and shorts, but today I definitely prefer my cotton tanks/shirts + comfy pj pants or my husband’s boxers [I know you do it too]. Having fresh and clean clothing for bed is absolutely necessary in order to get nice and comfy before dreaming the night away.
  3. Wash + Moisturize.

  4. Brush + Floss.

    • Super important step in finishing up your daily routine. Brush, brush, brush! And get in those crevices with some minty floss – heck you can wrap this step up with some mouthwash as well. Keeping your mouth clean will make you feel fresher than ever.
  5. Hydrate.

    • 99% of the time I have a beverage/bottle of water on my night stand ready for bedtime. I manage to drink lots of fluids throughout the day but always find myself super thirsty at night. Having a bottle of water or tea before bedtime keeps me happy for the night and prevents those middle of the night adventures of looking for something to drink.

Now I know some momma’s prefer to take full showers or baths in the nighttime, and girl if you can, than go for it. It’s not something that I have the luxury of doing every night, but I most definitely believe that a good bath [especially with a sweet smelling bath bomb] makes for a good night’s sleep.

Rest on – because in the morning, life as a momma continues.


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