Baby Freebies

With so many baby + momma products out there, how can you truly decide which ones would be right for you and your little one? When I was pregnant with Jack, two years ago, I remembered getting awesome free baby samples from BuyBuyBaby when I signed up for a baby registry. I couldn’t really believe that they would give me all of this free stuff because when I signed up in person with Babies R us I didn’t get anything!

With this second pregnancy, I already have an idea of which products I prefer just because I already used them with Jack – but with so much time that passed, I couldn’t miss out on checking out some new products. Getting these free samples is super easy and hassle free. Go to your local Buy Buy Baby store and find the “Guest Services/Baby Registry” table – the employees there will do everything for you! Once you provide a little bit of your information in regards to when you’re do, which items you would like to add to your registry etc.. they will provide you with this bag of free stuff!

I don’t remember the exact products that I got the first time around, but here’s what was in mine this month:




  • Baby on board sign, similar to this one
  • fitPregnancy Magazine- February 2017 & March 2017 Edition
  • Coupons for diapers, mustela, aveeno, boogie wipes, lansinoh, dapple


I can’t wait to try all of these out. I’ve also heard that Target gives out similar sample bags to those who set up a baby gift registry with them but I haven’t had a chance to check it out. My baby girl will be here soon so I’ll be making a trip to Target soon!!


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  1. I am pregnant with my 6th baby and as usual I got rid of everything so thank you for this blog so I can get stuff again.

    1. wow Carrie!! Congratulations on your 6th blessing!! I promise you these freebies were sooo helpful and super easy to get!!

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