How Pregnancy Will Change Your Life


Out of my group of friends, I was notoriously known for wanting to be a mom since day one. I was always considered the responsible one, or referred to as the “mom” of the group, long before I actually gave birth. And although I always had that yearning and comforting feeling of being ready for motherhood – nothing could have actually prepared my for this new journey of my life.


I’ll never forget the day that I found out my husband and I were expecting our first baby. I’ve always pictured this magical moment, and after months of trying to conceive – I was positive I would receive an ecstatic reaction from my husband. To my dismay, after seeing the teeny tiny blue line on my positive pregnancy test, my husband almost shrugged his shoulders, and was in disbelief that we actually could finally be pregnant. He had mentioned that we should not tell anyone at least until the pregnancy was confirmed by a doctor – which would mean I would have to wait at least a month before truly celebrating with close family. His reaction was super disheartening, but at the same time – it was almost like my motherly instincts kicked in and I was already super protective of my little baby, who at the time was no more than four weeks old.


Every week I was observing my body for the changes I couldn’t yet see. I knew my tummy would grow – but when? How long did I have to wait to flaunt my cute pregnant belly? I felt the change that my awesome prenatal vitamins had brought: stronger nails and stronger hair – but perhaps that was just another side effect of morphing into a momma. Before I knew it, the first trimester went by. I had almost no symptoms of pregnancy – no nausea, no morning sickness, no specific food cravings, no sore breasts, just lots and lots of sleep. Totally different than what I expected. Once the second trimester rolled around, I was feeling more energetic and had slowly started showing off my teeny bump. 


By my third trimester I couldn’t see my toes when looking down and shaving my legs had become almost impossible, but that’s what your husband is for. My fingers had swelled up, so goodbye to wedding bands, I fit only into leggings and dresses (thankful that I had a summer baby) and I was most definitely wobbling. He helped me gain THIRTY-FIVE POUNDS. I know by doctor standards that is very much average, and could have been worse.. but it was haaaaaaaard to recuperate from. I know I shouldn’t be complaining because thanks to this magical elasticity belly oil I was left with three teeny stretch marks post baby #1. From balancing doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds, and blood tests plus all the fun stuff in between… my first pregnancy was actually and truly amazing.  I was super delicate with the way I would carry myself, by not lifting heavy items and really milked it – I took naps and relaxed like it was my job… [this changes with your second pregnancy.. but  I’ll leave that for another post].


We discovered we were pregnant in November of 2014, and although our son was not yet born – he was already the topic of just about every discussion and decision we made. Of course with this being the time around the holidays just beginning, our families were extremely excited and happy that we were expecting. Everyone was asking how I was feeling, how the baby was doing – and soon we were thinking about names, nursery ideas, and everything else that comes with bringing a child into this world. When mother’s day came around, I was offended when people questioned whether or not I celebrated mother’s day – I was offended when people would tell me that I was going to be a mom soon. In my heart and in my mind – I was already a mom, that happened as soon as I discovered a human was growing in my uterus. As soon as I learned about my baby, I took the precautions necessary to provide him with a healthy environment and diet, I did everything any mother does to protect her child. I was already a mom.

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  1. Single mother of two boys & enjoying motherhood great experience …enjoy yours experience with yours

    1. Thank you!!! I love motherhood but like I mentioned, nothing could have prepared me for it! Congrats on your two boys!

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