Practicing Self-Care As A Mom

As hard as it is to be able to take time to yourself as a mom, please don’t forget to do so. Allowing yourself to indulge in a little “me” time is so extremely important for your mental and physical health. I’m sure I’m not the only one who puts their family first any time that I can. Before I’m fed and dressed, I make sure my toddler is, a lot of times I find that I brush his teeth and comb his hair before mine as well. Maybe these are little things, but they add up throughout the day.


I’m thankful for my husband who understands how much I do for the family – although my house may not always show it [with our mess] he still really values me and gives me my much needed time alone. He encourages me to take a warm bath with dimmed lights and John Legend on Pandora. I love lighting my favorite peony candle and choosing the bath bomb that speaks to me. This is my go to on a long day.


On days that I’m not able to take an hour or two for myself, sometimes having a couple of minutes to browse through Pinterest is enough. There are so many beautiful and inspiring messages just waiting to be read. Clear your head of everything you’ve got going on and simply take in the quotes you would not have found had you not looked. 

If not on pinterest, grab your cutie little notebook, a scrap piece of paper, or the notes app on your phone, and write down your recent thoughts. I personally can’t keep up with a daily journal, but what keeps me grounded are the little messages I write to myself or about my day. Perhaps you have a little more time on your hands and you can afford to grab a good read. Drop by your local barnes & nobles or library and spend some time on a couch or floor aisle flickering through book titles and pages, you might come across one you can’t leave without. Reading does the mind good.


It may be silly or a little cliche, but we all need fresh air. With spring right around the corner the sunlight feels mighty good on my face. This can even be tackled with a toddler in tow, as long as mine is in a stroller! We live close to a playground and a lake and the walk is just enough for me to get some peace and quiet while my big boy takes in all the sights. It’s really only about a five minute walk but at a slow and calm pace I manage to squeeze out what feels like ten minutes of clearing my head space.

Grab your sunnies and some comfy slip ons and head outside to a near park bench or just a walk down the street – I bet you’ll get a nice little kick of energy for the rest of your day.


I know this isn’t always doable, but I promise it will help you the next morning!! My bedtime routine with Jack starts around 6:30pm when I try to give him one last quick bite to eat before he falls asleep. From those last few stains he gets on his clothes he takes a bath and then we cuddle in my bed – hopefully around 7pm, 7:30pm at the latest. By 8pm he’s usually sound asleep which means mom gets to stretch out in bed, tune into BRAVO or the Food Network and then also drift away into a couple of dreams. 

Before having kids, I know for a fact I didn’t get into bed until 10pm or later, and getting up at 6am or 7am to get to work never felt “good”. I was always tired or grouchy for the first couple of hours. But now, I really try to make it a priority to get to bed earlier, to unwind a little, and usually fall asleep by 9:30pm. This makes my 7am wake up much much easier. 

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