15 Things That Make Me Happy

Everyone has special people, special moments, favorite foods, and things, which make them happy. Have you ever actually listed them out?

Have you ever taken a minute to really and truly appreciate them?

The last two years of my life have been drastically different from any prior. Not only did my husband and I enter our third year of marriage, but I am now a momma to my toddler boy, and we are expecting a baby girl this summer. Talk about adjusting to life!

My list of things that make me happy is always changing, but here are the people & things that fit best for today! These are listed in no particular order!

1. Having my family as a whole.

To be honest, a few years ago I’m not sure I would have really appreciated my family as much as I do today. We live about fifteen houses down from my parents and my brother just bought a house about 10 minutes away. Having each other so close makes for great times that we can spend together – we see each other just about every day, which is amazing.4

2. Being bilingual. 

Growing up in a Polish household and community, Polish was my first language. Although I was born in New Jersey, I do have dual citizenship. Since I was 4 I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Poland to see my extended family just about every year, some years multiple times. 

3. My husband, who truly is my best friend. 

I met my hubby on OkCupid five and a half years ago!! I can’t even believe that we’ve been together for so long, because he still gives me butterflies. I can always count on him, which is the best part of having a partner. 
4. My son & my daughter.

 Being a mom was always my ultimate goal. I’m so happy that I was able to bring a son into this world, and before I know it my little girl will be here!

5. Long & hot showers. 

I mean.. does anyone truly like quick and cold showers? I think not. Love the feeling of feeling nice and toasty [plus clean] after a shower.

6. My two younger brothers and my soon to best sister-in-law. 

I know I already mentioned family, but my siblings and I are super close. It’s awesome having them close by and being able to spend a lot of time together.

7. Tacos.

I would have to say I usually reach for chicken tacos, but crispy fish tacos are my favorite. It’s so hard to come by truly delicious fish tacos – but plop some slaw, cilantro, lime juice and guacamole on mine and I’m a happy girl!


8. Fresh laundry.

 Anyone who says they don’t like the smell and feel of fresh laundry is lying. Although my least favorite part of the day is loading up that washing machine and folding the clothes once they’re dry… I can’t help but snuggle and sleep my best in fresh and clean sheets… mmm, dreamy.

9. Not having to cook. 

As much as I LOVE to eat – just about everything, I’m totally not a fan of cooking. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t make the huge mess, but it honestly drains me. I like to think that I’m creative, but coming up with budget friendly and unique dishes takes me too long to make it worth it – I’d rather just order in. So when my husband makes breakfast or dinner [on the rare occasion] I really really appreciate it, and it makes me happy.

10. Road trips & visiting new and historic places.

Anytime that we go on vacation with my husband, we seem to wander off to places we’ve never been or heard of – these are usually the ones that we have the best memories of. We love driving down roads we’ve never travelled and even more just stopping along the road to places we would never get to see otherwise. Historic hotspots are also our favorite because we always learn something from them.


11. Fresh flowers.

 Whether they’re roses, tulips, sunflowers, etc… as long as they’re fresh – I’m a happy gal. Flowers always bring a smile to my face and make my home feel even homier.

12. A clean house. 

Speaking of home, another amazing feeling is when you slave away while washing dishes, vacuuming, loading laundry, changing sheets, washing the floors, dusting, etc.. whether it takes you 20 minutes or a couple of hours, it’s always super rewarding to sit down and admire the cleanliness while it lasts!

13. Shoes.

 I’m not one to love shopping, but I will admit that shoes are my weakness. I probably have close to 40 something pairs of shoes that take lots of space in my shoe closet. Funky and fun colors and patterns are my favorites, but over the years I really started leaning towards those that are honestly most comfortable. Who needs painful shoes anyway?


14. Going to church on Sundays.

 I grew up in a fairly religious household. We’re Roman Catholic and my parents always did a great job as examples for what it takes to be good human beings. As a child, church may have felt a little tedious, but it was time that was always spent together as a family. Today, I love God and church more than I could have ever imagined. I’m thankful that my husband feels the same way, and that it is how we want to raise our children. Going to church allows us to really reflect on how blessed we are and to thank Him for everything.

15. A fresh manicure & pedicure. 

Notice that again I’m using the word FRESH!!! If I could have it my way I would be indulging in manis & pedis once a week.. but since I can’t afford that luxury, I’ve mastered the basics for DIY at home. Clean cuticles and a new coat of polish sets the tone for the week!

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